6 Moments That Are Too Real For People #GrowingUpWimpy

  1. FYI, Halloween is just not worth the nightmares, soiled pants, and sore-@$$ throat from screaming,


I’m asking G-d politely for a remote to fast-forward through this excruciating season.

2) When my besties hit up the roller coasters, totally…will I hold everyone’s bags!!


I know it’s “awesome,” but I’ll pass on being relentlessly thrashed all over the place.

3) Gym/PE class is a load of stupidity that was obviously created to torture me.


Whoever first chose to make agony part of my education is an unforgivable jerk, so whoever makes gym/PE class illegal is a worshippable hero.

4) Yes, I know and agree getting a shot is vital to my health, but needles are the most traumatizing thing in the world.


For the final time, I understand the helpful medical purposes, but I’ll take my chances to avoid having that sharp f**ker poked through my skin.

5) Bullies, especially in boy-on-boy situations, spent no time at all deciding on a victim,


Speaking from girl experience, the NON-physical but still bitchy alternative is nothing new to me.

6) Ehhh, no big deelio though!!! Call me “chicken” all you want, but that’s just how I roll…and better safe than sorry :-p



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