8 Things You’ll Only Understand If “Ladylike” Just Isn’t How You Roll

  1. Whenever you let one slip out, you have no shame, and actually feel damn proud of it.


2) You either date a like-minded guy who’s learned to accept and embrace your ways…


3) …Or any guy dumb enough to hit on you is mincemeat.


4) You feel goddess AF as a strong, independent woman who don’t need no razor.


5) When you put on ANYTHING other than sweatpants, you’re like


6) Anytime you watch a makeup tutorial on Youtube, you’ve never been more confused in your life.


For that matter, instead of shooting some lipstick out of a tube….

7) You dream of shooting some missiles out of a cannon.


8) But hey, different kicks for different chicks, and different scenes for different queens.



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